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Adrian Geiges is a German writer and filmmaker whose books have been translated into many languages.

He studied journalism, history and politics at the Westphalian Wilhelm's University Muenster, later Russian at the Ruhr University Bochum and Chinese at the New Asia University in Beijing, and trained at the daily newspaper Westphalia News. As a reporter of the youth magazine Elan he traveled to the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Nicaragua and other countries. He covered the beginning of Mikhail Gorbachev's reform and opening-up policy.

1990 he moved to the Soviet Union, where he first worked as a book editor at publishing house Progress, the biggest publishing house of the world at that time. He served as a TV producer for Gerd Ruge, a famous correspondent of First German TV, and then became a Russia correspondent for German television RTL. In 1995 he joined the editorial staff of Spiegel TV, producing news reports and documentaries in Russia, China, USA and other regions. He interviewed Russian President Yeltsin, went with extremist presidential candidate Zhirinovsky to the sauna and accompanied presidential candidate General Lebed before he died in a helicopter crash. As a war reporter Geiges covered the conflicts in Chechnya and Yugoslavia.

As a TV correspondent he worked in Hong Kong 1997, covered the return of the city to China, and in New York 1998/99.

In 2000, he founded the Chinese enterprise of G+J, the Bertelsmann corporation's magazine division. As CEO, he started up the Chinese editions of Parents, Fitness and Inc. In 2003 he returned to journalism to become Beijing Bureau Chief of the leading German weekly Stern. In this capacity he covered the Olympic Games in Beijing, the earthquake in Sichuan, the Asian tsunami, and many other events.

2009 he joined the team of German renowned journalist Stefan Aust which develops a new weekly magazine and produces TV documentaries.

2013 he moved to Rio de Janeiro to report as a Foreign Correspondent for German TV and the German weekly magazine Focus from Brazil, the country of Soccer World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016.

Since then Adrian Geiges has been using his international experience in his capacity as the editor-in-chief of BISSINGER[+], a leading German media agency for corporate publishing and content marketing based in Hamburg, as the Managing Editor of the (English-language) Autostadt Magazine International Edition, and further on as an author of books.
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