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On World Trips

The writer and longstanding foreign correspondent Adrian Geiges lectures on AIDA cruises. He tells the guests about the countries and cities that the ships travel to, based on the experiences of his life on six continents. He also reads from his books. The routes he regularly accompanies include: Rio de Janeiro to Sydney, Dubai via Singapore to Bali, Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh City, Cape Town to Hamburg and Stockholm to St. Petersburg in Russia.

Adrian Geiges is an internationally acclaimed writer and filmmaker: He has worked for many years as a foreign correspondent in Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and New York, has published in Stern, Focus and Die Zeit and produced documentaries for Spiegel TV and ARD First German Television, among many others. He is fluent in Chinese, English, Russian and Portuguese. His books have been translated into many languages.
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Selected Works

Lectures on AIDAvita: Mallorca, Malta, Athens/Piraeus, Crete, Suez Canal, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore

Lectures on AIDAcara: Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Visby, Copenhagen, Goteborg, Oslo

Lectures on AIDAbella: among others Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hong Kong, Keelung, Ishigaki, Shanghai, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malé, Cochin, New Mangalore, Muscat, Dubai

Lectures on the world tour of AIDAaura: South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Gran Canaria, Morocco, Spain, France

Lectures on the world tour of AIDAaura: among others Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego, Santiago de Chile, Robinson Crusoe, Easter Island, Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Tonga, Fiji, Sydney

The Autostadt Magazine "Electric Scooters", 2019

Lectures on AIDAmar: St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Gdansk, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen

The Autostadt Magazine "Sustainable Mobility", 2019

Lectures on the world tour of AIDAaura: South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Tenerife, Morocco, Portugal, France

The Autostadt Magazine "Power of Diversity", 2019

Lectures on AIDAvita: Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia (including Bali), Australia

The Autostadt Magazine "Digital Fairness", 2018

Lectures on AIDAcara: London, Paris, Santiago de Compostela, Porto, Lisbon, Valencia, Minorca, Mallorca

The Autostadt Magazine "Autonomous Cars", 2018

The Autostadt Magazine "Electric Vehicles", 2018

Evonik Magazine "Water", 2017

"10 Years Evonik", company anniversary book, 2017

Evonik Magazine "Age", 2017

"When Wilhelm II. sent Lenin into the revolution" (together with Stefan Aust), cover story weekly newspaper Welt am Sonntag, 2017

Evonik Magazine "World Trade", 2017

Evonik Magazine "The Future of Consumption", 2016

War of stones - diamond business, documentary on n-tv, 2016

Coverage of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, RTL, 2016

Langouste pirates, reportage in RTL Nachtjournal, 2016

The victory of the anti-olympic hero Maria da Penha, report in RTL Nachtjournal, 2016

Knowledge Ships - futuristic centers in poor areas of Rio, reportage in RTL Nachtjournal, 2016

Rio, a city on fire, reportage in weekly magazine Focus, 2016

Michael Jackson's brother Tito films music video in favela, where Michael filmed "They Don't Care About Us", RTL Nachtjournal, 2016

Street Child Games in Rio, report in RTL Explosiv, 2016

The struggle over the Rio Olympics, reportage in weekly magazine Focus, 2016

The dead children of Rio, reportage in RTL Nachtjournal, 2016

War against mosquitos, report on RTL News about the fight of 220 000 Brazilian soldiers against the Zika virus, 2016

World view: the robbers of Rio, column in weekly magazine Focus, 2016

Reverse direction - European migration to Africa, reportage in weekly magazine Focus, 2016

Babies with small heads - victims of Zika virus in Brazil, report on RTL, 2016

Fight for Olympia - how the Games divide Rio, TV documentary on n-tv, 2015

A German father kidnaps his own son, report from Nicaragua in RTL Explosiv, 2015

Mr. Olympia - Rio's mayor Eduardo Paes, Focus 2015

Panic about BRIC, analysis in weekly magazine Focus, 2015

Where our coffee comes from - report from Brazil for RTL Aktuell and Nachtjournal

One year before the Olympic Games in Rio, news on RTL and n-tv, 2015

World view: honest robbers, column in weekly magazine Focus, 2015

The collector and the spies - how East German art came to Brazil, story in Lufthansa Magazine, 2015

Pregnant while in coma, report from Cordoba/Argentina in RTL Punkt 12, 2015

Girl from Hannover innocent in jail, report from Lima/Peru in RTL Explosiv, 2015

Coverage of Rio Carnival 2015 for German TV RTL

World view: house moving Brazilian style, column in weekly magazine Focus, 2015

Beach robbers, reportage in RTL Nachtjournal, 2015

Eye hospital for poor children in Recife - film with model Jana Ina Zarrella for the RTL telethon

Defaced for being "too pretty", report from Buenos Aires in RTL Explosiv, 2014

"The Flying Eye", with Greenpeace aircraft Amazon Edge over the rainforest, story in Lufthansa Magazine, 2014

Presidential hopeful Marina Silva, reportage in RTL Nachtjournal, 2014

Portrait of the Brazilian presidential candidates Marina Silva and Dilma Rousseff, weekly magazine Focus, 2014

Interview with Shakira, RTL 2014

Coverage of the FIFA soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil for German TV RTL and radio Saarländischer Rundfunk

Interview with music legend Carlos Santana, RTL 2014

Samba, sex and strike - how Rio de Janeiro prepares for the World Cup, reportage in weekly magazine Focus, 2014

The Campo Bahia of the German soccer team, reportage in RTL Nachtjournal, 2014

Demonstration against the FIFA, report in RTL Nachtjournal, 2014

World Cup War, Focus 2014

Riots at the Copacabana, coverage on RTL

Eike Batista who nearly became the richest man of the world, Gala Men 2014

"Brazil is burning", Quadriga Publishing House, 2014

The Child Soldiers of Rio, film on WDR, 2014

The Last VW Kombi, report in RTL Nachtjournal, 2013

Poverty Before the Most Expensive World Cup of All Times, report in RTL Nachtjournal, 2013

Draw for the 2014 World Cup, what fans and tourists can expect, report in RTL Nachtjournal, 2013

Favela Expedition: War for the World Cup, TV documentary on n-tv, 2013

The Man Behind Snowden, Portrait of Glenn Greenwald, Focus 2013

Hamburg's Former Vice Mayor Lives in a Favela, exclusive report for RTL Nachtjournal, 2013

The Pope in Rio de Janeiro - coverage on RTL and n-tv, 2013

Protests in Brazil - news reports and live talks on RTL and n-tv, 2013

Jungle Camp - German Architects Build a Soccer Stadium in the Rain Forest, reportage in RTL Nachtjournal, 2013

Queuing in Rio, contribution for RTL Extra, 2013

A One-legged Samba Dancer, piece in RTL Explosiv, 2013

News from Stalingrad: the End of all "Führung", TV documentary on SAT 1 (together with Stefan Aust and Alexander Kluge), 2013

Journey to Mars - the Conquest of the Red Planet, TV documentary for N24

Confucius and China's rise, TV documentary on SAT 1 (together with Stefan Aust), 2012

Bridge Between the Oceans - the Puente Baluarte in Mexico, TV documentary for N24, 2012

"To World Power with Confucius", Quadriga Publishing House, 2012

The Myth of the Spies (together with Stefan Aust and Marc Polednik), TV documentary for Vox, 2012

China's Terracotta Warriors - the Army of the Dead Emperor, TV documentary for N24, 2012

Blood of the World - Fight for Oil, TV documentary for ZDF, 2011

Hamburg Port - Germany's Gateway to the World, TV documentary for N24, 2011

Chongqing - Biggest City in the World, TV documentary for N24, 2011

Three Gorges Dam, TV documentary for N24, 2011

Chernobyl - Visit to the Death Zone, TV documentary for N24, 2011

China - Comeback with Confucius, TV documentary for N24, 2011

Carlos - Soldier of Terror (together with Stefan Aust), TV documentary for N24, 2010

"Manual for Beijing and Shanghai", Piper Publishing House 2009

Risen from the Ruins, TV documentary on the German Left Party, ZDF 2009

"China. The History of the New World Power", Dtv Premium Publishing House, 2009

Race Around the World, TV documentary on the financial crisis, ZDF 2009

"Wo de fenqing suiyue" (Chinese edition of "How the World Revolution Once Accidentally Started in the Black Forest"), New Star Press Beijing 2009

Olympic Games and its preparations, several stories in Stern magazine 2008

Sichuan earthquake, Stern 2008

World Power China, cover story, best sold issue of Stern in 2008

"How the World Revolution Once Accidentally Started in the Black Forest", Eichborn Publishing House 2007

Daily Life in North Korea, Stern 2006

Hairs from India, Stern 2006

Environmental Problems in China, Stern 2005

Sex in China, Stern 2005

Tsunami, cover story, best sold issue of Stern in 2005

Petitioners in China, Stern 2004

Nazis in the US, Spiegel TV 2000

Learning Chinese in Beijing, Die Zeit 1998

Hong Kong Before the Handover, documentary on Spiegel TV 1997

Shanghai documentary, Vox Television 1997

The Tragic End of the Last Czar of Russia, Spiegel TV documentary 1996

War in Chechnya, Spiegel TV 1995

Portrait of Russian President Yeltsin, Spiegel TV 1995

"Russia Explosive", VGS Publishing House 1994

Reports on Coup Against Gorbachev, ARD First German Television 1991

"Love Is Not on the State Plan", S.Fischer Publishing House 1989 (Russian Edition 1990, Japanese Edition 1992)

Revolution Without Shooting, Pahl-Rugenstein Publishing House 1988 (Turkish Edition 1990)

Awakening China, Pahl-Rugenstein Publishing House 1987
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